Oriental artists.

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Hitomi Ikeshima_Japanese_Edinburgh based Huia Paul_New Zealand Maori Mary Lafaiki_Glasgow based Yoshiro Oyama_Japanese_Glasgow based Willy Chung_Chinese_Glasgow based Peter Liu_Chinese_Edinburgh based
Hitomi Ikeshima
Huia Paul
Mary Lafaiki Yoshiro Oyama Willy Chung Peter Liu
Rufei Ma_Chinese_Glasgow based Fei Zhou_Chinese -Glasgow Mary Ng_Chinese_Glasgow based Yu Tang_Chinese-Glasgow Yi Cai_Glasgow based Zuxin Gu_Chinese_Glasgow based
Rufei Ma
Fei Zhou
Mary Ng Yu Tang Yi Cai Zuxin Gu
Ya Chao Yuan_Chinese-Glasgow Bo Bi_Chinese-Glasgow   Tao Xie_Chinese_Glasgow based Tony Ng_Chinese_Glasgow based T K Loh_Chinese_Glasgow based
Ya Chao Yuan
Bo Bi
  Tao Xie Tony Ng T K Loh
  Yuzhuo Xu_Glasgow based    
  Yuzhuo Xu    

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