Newcastle Area artists.

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Samantha Hannah._Glasgow based Roxanne Barclay_Sunderland based Stephanie Twentyman_Newcastle based Terry Johnson_Newcastle based Jordy Cernik_Newcastle based Alex Lomas_Newcastle based
Samantha Hannah.
Roxanne Barclay
Terry Johnson Jordy Cernik Alex Lomas
Fiona Organ_Newcastle based Holly Bailey Laura Callender_Newcastle based Craig Lamb_Newcastle based Roger Bowmer_Newcastle based Michael Jordison_Newcastle based
Fiona Organ
Holly Bailey
Laura Callender Craig Lamb Roger Bowmer Michael Jordison
Leela Gayatri_Newcastle based Lisa Elwood_Newcastle based Tony Bridges Keith Brown_Newcastle based McKenzie Fraser_Newcastle based Stephen Edwards_Newcastle based
Leela Gayatri
Lisa Elwood
Tony Bridges Keith Brown McKenzie Fraser Stephen Edwards
Anne Callender_Newcastle based Angela Stephenson_Newcastle based Hayley Jackson_Newcastle based Dave Cave_Newcastle based Graeme Pearson_Newcastle based Michael Smith_Newcastle based
Anne Callender
Angela Stephenson
Hayley Jackson Dave Cave Graeme Pearson Michael Smith
Jamie Birkett_Newcastle based. Judith Davis_Newcastle based Susan Bowmer_Newcastle based Stuart Turner_Newcastle based Geoff Thompson_Newcastle based John Allan_Newcastle based
Jamie Birkett
Judith Davis
Susan Bowmer Stuart Turner Geoff Thompson John Allan
Tracy Marie Bridgeman_Newcastle based Lisaa  Moffat Miho Yuki_Japanese_Newcastle based Kenneth Mood_Glasgow based Norman Felton_Newcastle based Andrew Moscardino_Newcastle based
Tracy Bridgeman
Lisa Moffat
Miho Yuki Kenneth Mood Norman Felton Andrew Moscardino
Kazuko Uchida Anwar_Japanese_Newcastle based Nozomi Abe_Japanese_Newcastle based Junko Oda_Japanese_Newcastle based Xinyu Zheng_Chinese_Newcastle based Kazuki Morimoto_Japanese Durham based

Quan Li_Chinese_Newcastle based

Kazuko Anwar
Nozomi Abe 
Junko Oda Xinyu Zheng Kazuki Morimoto

Quan Li

Mika Matsubara_Japanese_Newcastle based Satoko Tanaka_Japanese_Newcastle based Motomi Tako_Japanese_Newcastle based Yu Fung Law_Chinese_Newcastle based Seungri Cho_Korean_Newcastle based
Mika Matsubara
Satoko Tanaka
Motomi Tako Bahram Mahamadi Yu Fung law Seungri Cho
Sayuri Yasuda_Japanese_Newcastle based Hiroe Hashida_Japanese_Newcastle based. Ai Hirabaru_Japanese_Newcastle based Shuo Xu_Chinese_Newcastle based Hiroki Tsuchiya_Japanese_Newcastle based Yosuke Ogawa_Japanese_Newcastle based
Sayuri Yasuda
Hiroe Hashida
Ai Hirabaru Shuo Xu Hiroki Tsuchiya Yosuke Ogawa
Junko Abe_Japanese_Newcastle based Keiko Uchidate_Japanese_Newcastle based Yulong Yang_Chinese_Newcastle based Li  Xingjian_Chinese_Newcastle based Bin Tang_Chinese_Newcastle based
Junko Abe
Keiko Uchidate
Yulong Yang Li Xingjian Bin Tang
Natsuko Takeda_Japanese_Newcastle based     Takeshi Nagagawa_Japanese Yuki Onogi_Japanese_Newcastle based Liu Dat Sun_Chinese_Newcastle based
Natsuko Takeda     "Takeshi Nagagawa Yuki Onogi Liu Dat Sun
      Shaopeng Wu_Chinese_Newcastle based Miguel Khan_Glasgow based Wenliang Zhao_Chinese_Newcastle based
      Shaopeng Wu Miguel Khan Wenliang Zhao
        Bo Han Ma_Chinese_Newcastle based I H Kang_Korean_Newcastle based
        Bo Han Ma I H Kang

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