Foreign Language Speakers

Afro Caribbean   Mother Tongue / Other Languages Spoken
  Ms Josephine Sanyu Lugandan, English
  Mr Jerry Boweh Liberian, dialects Bassa and Kru
  Ms Anita Songoro  
  Mr Prijanka Bajaj  
  Ms Rajwunder Sumal  
  Ms Jatinder Sumal  
  Ms Purva Kapoor  
  Ms Divya Mendiratta  
  Mr Tasleen Chaudhary Urdu, Punjabi, English
  Ms Alina McLeary Rumanian, English
  Ms Melina Macatelli Portugese, English
  Ms Betrice Nicholas Rumanian, English
  Ms Marina Novikova Russian, English
  Ms Jessica Roeder English,German
  Ms Jelena Smirnova Latvian, English
Middle Eastern    
  Ms Narges Bakhshizadeh Farsi, English
  Mr Mummar El Harek Arabic, French, English
  Mr Anwar Shahata Arabic, English
  Japanese speakers:--  
  Mr Yoshiko Oyama Voiceover Artist, Japanese, English
  Mrs Kazumi Ikeshima Professional Translator and Interpreter, Japanese, English
  Ms Namiki Ikeshima English, Japanese
  Ms Hitomi Ikeshima English, Japanese
  Ms Asuna Ikeshima English, Japanese
  Ms Emily Oyama English, Japanese
  Ms Lisa Oyama English, Japanese
  Chinese speakers:-  
  Mr Danny Chung Cantonese, English
  Mr Gordon Chung Cantonese, English
  Mr Kenny Lee Cantonese, English
  Ms Mary Ng Cantonese, English

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